Week 5: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye..

Where did the summer go? As GovsPLUS entered the final week of the program, students worked hard to finish up their courses. They completed their final math and humanities projects and presentations. We also worked hard to prepare for our Closing Ceremony performances. We did stop to have one amazing last field trip to Canobie Lake Park though!


SI Miguel with his adorable little brother.


Valerie, Rixandra, Stacey, and Erika waiting in line.


Big crew shot #1.


Big crew shot #2.



Then on Friday, we celebrated the accomplishments of our GovsPLUS scholars with a Closing Ceremony.


The lobby of the Wilkie Center looked beautiful and ready for GovsPLUS families to arrive from Lawrence!


GovsPLUS ladies and their friends getting ready before the show.


Chabeli and Erika.


Dressing room selfie!

GovsPLUS students are so talented! From singing to dancing to sharing their poetry, these scholars really put on a show for their friends and families.


GovsPLUS 2015 staff.


Julian performing his poetry.


Erika, Stacey, Valerie, and Rixandra dancing.


Anderson on the piano.


Adeliza performing her poems.


Manases performing his poem.

After the show, we ate a delicious dinner from El Pez Dorado (a Dominican restaurant in Lawrence) and then headed to the award show. Ms. Cruz and Ms. Honorato were pleased to hand out certificate of completion awards to all GovsPLUS students, as well as special awards honoring the hard work of a handful of students. These included:

-Award of Academic Excellence in Math: Chabeli Garcia

-Award of Academic Excellence in Humanities: Adeliza Rosario-Vasquez

-Award of Excellence in Art: Ryan Coughlin

-Award of Academic Excellence in Creative Writing: Alisa Colon

-Most Academic Growth Award: Jeremy Cornelio & Maria Paulino

-Citizenship Award: Lisa Paredes

-Spirit Award: Ralfy Morales

We also said goodbye to our graduating GovsPLUS scholars who are entering high school. Please make sure to keep in touch so we can hear how you are doing!

We are so tremendously proud of the work GovsPLUS scholars accomplished this summer! Thank you all for an amazing year. We look forward to the the monthly events we will host during the academic year and hope all the 8th graders return next summer. Until the end of September!


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