Week 2: GovsPLUS on Fire!

The second week of GovsPLUS went off without a hitch! GovsPLUS scholars and faculty alike found themselves jumping into their tasks with not only a slightly quicker step but with more enthusiasm. Everyone is becoming more and more integrated into the GovsPLUS family. Even the most shy students have started showing a sort of affection for the program itself.

Our week started off with a friendly competition between advisory groups over who could make the best GovsPLUS theme song. Each group made a great song, but it came down to Team Columbia (led by Paola) and Team Harvard (led by Ms. Cruz). It came down to the wire, but in the end Columbia pulled away. It was so much fun! Hopefully they can perform it at our Closing Ceremony for GovsPLUS families.

On Wednesday, everyone at the program hid away their books and donned their black GovsPLUS tees to head into Boston! Students and Staff enjoyed a day at the Museum of Science where students were eager to jump off the bus and head into the air-conditioned museum. Once all students entered the museum, both students and staff went off to enjoy the hands on science activities.


GovsPLUS at the Museum of Science Lightning Show.



Many of the students were especially excited for the lighting show and to “race the light,” an interactive station at the Museum of Science that challenges students to run as fast as they can to get to the other side of the room before the “light” does. Another favorite at the Museum of Science was the “Conserve a Home” exhibit, which focused on showing students how they can make their homes more green friendly! The last part of our day was an Omni Show in the Museums’ IMAX Theater. We watched “Airplanes: A World In Flight,” a show that captured the important role that airplanes have played in interconnecting the world.


Shea on a bed of nails.


Jeremy, Guillermo, and Manases.


At the Omni Show, Airplanes.


Litzie, Maria, Stacey, Kaeden, Emanuel, and Francesca.

After a day of fun at the Museum of Science, students and staff continued what seemed to be a science filled week by going to the science labs at the Governors Academy. Govs faculty member, Tracy Stickney met with GovsPLUS and talked with students about chemistry! Many students were extremely enthusiastic about the material and many were knowledgeable about the subject. Mrs. Stickney held the attention of GovsPLUS students by giving doing “mini” experiments in between her lessons. The most exciting part of the day was when Paola was asked to light her hand on fire! At first both Paola and many students were weary of what was happening, but once they did the experiment and the flame rose from her hand almost every student and staff member was begging to join in on the fun! Thank you Mrs. Stickney for patiently lighting each GovsPLUS student’s hand on fire!


Lead SI, Paola, gets her hand on fire by Ms. Stickney!


Student after student lit their hand on fire. Here is Steven with a massive flame!

GovsPLUS scholars really enjoyed week two, as it is clear that they are becoming more comfortable with each other and staff, which in turn creates a great family dynamic to the GovsPLUS program! We look forward to next week as we head to Lynn, Mass for a service project with the REAL literacy program and students finish their research papers that they have been working on for few weeks!


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