May 2015: Transition to High School & Movie Night!

It was a beautiful day this past Saturday, May 9th, when GovsPLUS scholars came together for our final event of the school-year. We were so excited to reunite with six GovsPLUS alumni in the 9th grade. Our alumni go to a variety of high schools including: The Governor’s Academy, Central Catholic, the Cambridge School of Weston, Lawrence High (MST), and Methuen High. We met in the Frost ballroom at Govs to hear about how they navigated their first year of high school.

IMG_3070 IMG_3069

The alumni were honest and each had a unique perspective on the transition to high school. They discussed some of their biggest surprises and challenges. They also gave some really helpful tips for our current 7th and 8th grade scholars, including:

1. Be open to meeting new people and try to put yourself out there/be social at the beginning of school – everyone is nervous and looking to make new friends!

2. Step out of your comfort zone to try new things/activities (sports, clubs, etc) – you never know what you will like or excel at!

3. High school is all about time management – make sure you are balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities and stay organized!

4. Start thinking about college and doing preliminary research in your first year but don’t overwhelm yourself since you have a couple more years to figure it out!

5. Don’t be scared – high school is not like the movies – it’s so much fun and you will enjoy the independence!

Our alumni also encouraged our current scholars to take advantage of the GovsPLUS summer program to keep their minds active and improve their academic skills and confidence. Thank you so much to our GovsPLUS alumni for sharing their wisdom!


Our 9th graders are too cool for school! Here’s Youssef, Joshua, Brichelle, Leonelys, Martha, and Jessica.

After talking about the transition to high school, we headed to the dining hall for dinner.

IMG_3076 IMG_3077

Then we headed back to Frost for our movie night. We watched Mad Hot Ballroom, a documentary that looks inside the lives of NYC public school students in the 5th grade who participate in a competitive ballroom dance program. Our students fell in love with the Dominican students from Washington Heights in particular, and were cheering on the “indigo team” as they won the city championship!


It was a great evening! Thank you to all the GovsPLUS students who came out. Special shout outs go to the following students for perfect attendance in the GovsPLUS 2014-2015 school-year program: Julian, Nicole, Chynna, Ralfy, Jone, T’yana, and Erika! We appreciate your commitment to the GovsPLUS program and effort to make it out to every single monthly event!

It’s time to start thinking about our summer program, which will run from June 29 – July 31. GovsPLUS scholars returning to this summer’s program and their families are invited to our next event, a “Meet and Greet” pizza dinner on Sunday, May 24th at YDO in Lawrence. There they can meet the 14 newly accepted GovsPLUS students and their families, meet the summer staff, eat dinner and hang out, and learn all about this summer’s program (as well as received all the important required paperwork!) Scholars should expect an invitation in the mail this week. Please make sure to RSVP to Ms. Cruz!

¡Hasta la próxima mes! (Until next month!)


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