Mar 2015: Bowling Trip

Yesterday, GovsPLUS scholars took a trip bowling at Brunswick Zone in Lowell. We were excited to have two GovsPLUS alumni join us, Joshua and Leonelys, who are both first-years at The Governor’s Academy. It was one of our most relaxing events and was a great opportunity to catch up!


Estebanya and Ryan hanging out.


Nicole, Steven, Gregmari, and Omar had fun reconnecting with GovsPLUS alumni, Joshua and Leonelys.


Carolina, Britney, and Chynna waiting on their turn to bowl.


Erika, Ralfy, Rixandra, T’yana, Ms. Cruz, Adeliza, and Lisa.

Some students had more fun hanging with their friends and were happy to have the bumpers on their lanes, while others were getting competitive with the bowling! We saw quite a few strikes and spares!


Ralfy getting ready to bowl.



Gregmari, Steven, and Leonelys showing off their pizza.


Big group devouring appetizers.


Ms. Honorato had fun getting to know the students. Here she is with Shea, Ali, Stervin, and Jose.


Never too many group pics! Here’s Nicole, Gregmari, Stacey, Steven, Leonelys, Omar, Ali, and Jose.

Ms. Cruz took this as a great opportunity to catch up with some students, especially to see how the 8th graders were doing and if they had received any high school decisions. CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who were accepted into high school! We know some students are still waiting to hear back and others are trying to be patient on waiting lists. No matter where our 8th graders decide to go to high school, Ms. Cruz and Ms. Honorato are so proud of all your hard work! You are only months away from graduating and heading to high school! We hope we can prepare you for the transition this summer.g1365089101540651822Speaking of the summer, it’s time to start planning our 2015 program! The summer program will run from June 29 – July 31. All GovsPLUS scholars are invited to return. Students should expect to receive a letter from Ms. Cruz in the next week with re-enrollment paperwork. In order to secure your spot for this summer’s program, be sure to return this sheet to Ms. Cruz (in person or via mail) by FRIDAY APRIL 17th. If students or families have any questions or concerns about this upcoming summer, feel free to reach out to her.

GovsPLUS is looking forward to our next event on Sunday, April 12th at The Governor’s Academy for the 2nd Annual Independent School Spoken Word Wordfest. See you all then!


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