Jan 2015: New Beginnings!

At the end of the 2014 summer, GovsPLUS said goodbye to the program’s founders, Ms. O’Donohue and Ms. O’Connell. We thank them for everything they have done over the last two years and wish them good luck with their teaching and coaching at Govs! This fall, we welcomed Ms. Tatiana Cruz as the new GovsPLUS Director and Ms. Elizabeth Honorato as the new Program Assistant. They are so excited to join the program and get to know the students!

In December, we began our academic year programming. Our first event of the 2014-2015 year was a huge success! The GovsPLUS students were so excited to reconnect with one another and spent their time catching up, getting to know Ms. Cruz, and eating dinner at the Govs dining hall. After that, we all went to the infamous hypnotist show. It was hilarious! While some students had a blast getting hypnotized (or pretending to be!) the rest of us had a great time laughing at all the silly things they did on stage. Did Steven really sniff another guy’s armpit? (LOL!)

Our next event will be hip hop/r&b roller-skating at Skateland in Haverhill. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks!


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